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Reviver Rplate

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Product Design

Monochromatic HD Display

Replaceable Battery Powered* 

Quick and easy installation.

*Battery life of 5 years
*Currently Rplate is available for rear plate only.

Your digital plate can be transferred for an indefinite period of time from vehicle to vehicle. So think of this are a long term investment to all your future cars!

In the Box

Rplate Display

Mounting Bracket

Custom mounting screws and driver

Installation Guide


Features and Benefits

Pay your registration via Reviver App and never worry about DMV visits again! *Updates instantly. Say goodbye to colorful stickers!

Standard or Customized plates may be uploaded. Actual plate numbers must be registered with your local DMV. Customized plate numbers must first be ordered and transferred to your vehicle before uploaded to your Reviver plate. *Actual plate numbers cannot be customized.

Customizable text beneath actual plate digits. Choose from 1,000's of already approved text or submit your own for approval by the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Switch from a white background with black text or to a black background and white text via Reviver mobile app at any time.


Tamper proof mounting and Robust Anti-Theft Features 

Text notification via Reviver app if plate has been removed from mounting bracket

Option to display "STOLEN" on digital plate in the event of theft

Secured cloud communication 


Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C 

Corrosion Resistant Mounting Bracket (GM9540) 

Safety per FCC Standards 

Chemically strengthened lens that is six times stronger than glass

Class A automotive accessories compliant 

Exceeds IP66 watertight, dust-tight and chemical resistant standards 



Bluetooth Low Energy, 10m range (line of site) 

LTE for Low power IOT


Reviver Rplate First Year Subscription Included with purchase.

$55/Annual Subscription thereafter paid through the Reviver App.


Shipping & Returns


Care Instructions